Riot Games Oceania has announced changes for the upcoming 2018 Oceanic Pro League (OPL) season which will affect how the challenger series works. The OPL promotion tournament has now downscaled from two relegation matches per split to one per year.

The aim is to create a higher quality league helping teams sign year-long sponsorship agreements. Riot has mentioned that making a relegation a yearly event will help teams make better decisions around team housing and training facilities.

The other changes is that the Oceanic Challenger Series (OCS) will be moving into a single season format and expanding to 14 teams with 8 being run by an OPL organisation. This move will provide a better system to help build rising talent within our local scene. The Oceanic Open Ladder or OOL will be replaced with grassroots activities organised by OCS teams and third parties like ESL and Showdown. Riot has admitted they haven’t done a good enough job for servicing the local amateur scene, so this move will allow freedom for the community to run grassroots events.

The changes implemented by Riot Games going into 2018 will help put value in the current OPL teams and develop our grassroots scene.

You can read more about changes on the OPL website here.