Yesterday, Riot Games issued a competitive ruling towards Team Impulse, Renegades and TDK, claiming all had violated competitive rules associated with player relations, missing contracts, player payments and collusion amongst managerial figures.

Riot Games claimed that since Team Impulse had taken LMQ’s LCS position that there have been several instances of late and missing payments between the organisation and players as well as several reports of the team failing to supply contracts in routine league wide audits in march of this year.

On these compulsory inspections, it was found that Team Impulse had no contracts signed with any of its players from this split or the previous. This had meant that all former summary sheets and paper work sent to Riot Games from the organisation were knowingly falsely filled out in order to comply to Riots rulings.  Despite Team Impulse supplying Riot with last splits signed contracts on discovering of their misconducts, the team still failed to submit any valid contracts for the current roster.

It has also come to light for league officials that over the course of 2015 and 2016 that Team Impulses ownership was persistently late with league mandated minimum player compensation or MPC for short. In 2015’s Summer split officials discovered that Team Impulse had failed to pay players and quickly moved to see players compensated. Yet again, revealed by the audit in March it appeared that Team Impulse continually failed to pay players in 2016.  As of the ruling it’s still apparent that some players are owed money by the organisation.

This means Team Impulse has broken two major rules (2.2 Player Compensation and 3.2 Roster Requirements), resulting in a ban for the organisation from the LCS and a $20, 000 fine from its final team payment. The Impulse players have been granted a grace period to sell all rights and legal claims associated with their welfare, payments and transfers. This means Riot have allowed the Teams spot to remain up for sale for at least 10 days, hopefully to incline buyers to keep the current roster, saving the players jobs.

The second ruling unearthed today involves both team Renagades, TDK and high profile league of legends shout caster and Renegades owner Christoper Mykles aka Montecristo. Renegades management was found to have been in collusion with TDK as well as violating a ban against Chris Badawi, the former co-owner of Renegades. It has also been discovered that that several allegations had been filed in regards to team ownership structure and behaviour, player welfare and treatment as well as competitive integrity.

Riot states that they have been supplied with evidence that Christoper Mylkes had a secret deal in place with suspended owner Chris Badawi that arranged for the former owner to receive a 50% stake in Renegades after his suspension had ended. This is a direct violation to the leagues rules and his current suspension as he is technically involved in dealings of the team. Christoper Mykles apparently intentionally withheld this information from Riot before the Spring split had started.  The competitive ruling for this also states “For the avoidance of doubt, had Mylkes openly disclosed his ownership arrangement, Renegades would not have been accepted into the LCS.” Supporting these claims of dishonesty.

Player welfare claims have also surfaced surrounding apparent confrontations between players and staff, managerial staff withholding contract provisions and refusing honour payments and well as failing to provide a safe environment for all player. Despite these apparent first hand testimonies multiple Renegade players have stepped forward supporting Montecristo and dispute claims that they had ever been mistreated.


Maria “Remi” Creveling, former Renegades support and first female player to enter the LCS has hinted on Reddit otherwise, claiming that Renegades did not embody the ideals many thought it had.


To add fuel to the fire it has also been unveiled that both Renegades and TDK intentionally misinformed and deceived league officials about their corporate relationship. Leading up to the Spring Split both teams were approached about trade requests, terms of trades and player payments and claimed that their businesses were not linked in any manner. League officials later received evidence that supported claims that players were continually being paid and housed by their former organisations even after the trades had been completed.

Both REN and TDK supplied Riot with documentation in regards to the player trades but no necessities or information was supplied beyond simple assignments of contract and no reason was given why players were involved in their former organisations after the trades.

Riot claim to have corroborated testimonies and evidence that give them enough right to enforce punishment upon Montecristo and his team but the LCK shout caster refutes the claims that he ever broke any rules, and that he has not been approached by Riot with any evidence of his misconduct.  Due to Renegades violations of rules 3.1 Team Ownership Restrictions, 10.2.16 Document or Miscellaneous Requests and Team Application Process the LCS team is now disallowed from ANY Riot sanctioned leagues and have been granted a grace period of 10 days to sell their LCS position.

Suspended owner Chris Badawi is now permanently banned from any affiliation or association with any Riot sanctioned League and Christopher Mylkes has been banned from holding and ownership of a Riot recognised position for at least one year (until the start of 2017 Summer split.) TDK has also been found to have violated terms and rules set by Riot and therefore had also been disallowed to participate in the Summer split. They too have been granted a grace period of 10 days to sell their position. The team will have the opportunity to re-apply for a league position in January 1, 2019.