Riot Games has released details on a massive competitive ruling in the Oceanic Challenger Series as the company issues 16 player bans. Ranging from negative behaviour to account boosting, the bans range from 2 competitive weeks to a whole 2017 season. Teams affected are Corvidae, Team Noxide, Team Regicide, Legacy Genesis, SIN Academy and Tainted Minds Blue.

Riot Games has mentioned that the roster finalisation deadline wasn’t till two days before the season start which therefore took this amount of time to complete the routine investigation.

“In this instance, due to the roster submission deadline being two days before the season start, the time taken to review each submission, fully investigate any violations and issue bans has taken longer.”

The company has also mentioned it’s working with the teams affected in the ban:

“We are working with the teams affected to ensure they can continue to compete in the OCS, and are reviewing our roster deadlines for future competitions.”

You can read the full announcement here on the competitive ruling and the players affected.