Riot Games Oceania has announced they’ve issued competitive rulings against two OPL players for boosting accounts. Both players, Carlo “Looch” La Civita from Abyss Esports and Thomas “Omni” Trinh Dung are banned from competing in the first split of the 2017 OPL season.

“Sharing accounts and engaging in boosting not only violates the Terms of Service, but has many negative effects on the community.” – stated Riot Games.

“Boosting produces unbalanced games, devalues the commitment many players make to earn their rankings, and endangers account security. We have repeatedly stressed to players that boosting is impermissible and harms other players.”

In the posts published by Riot Games Oceania, it was found that during the investigation – Omni was found to be boosting accounts in 30 games with Looch in 24 games. Looch is currently playing as a mid-laner for Abyss Esports and with the season kicking off soon – the team will have to search for a replacement or use their sub during the holiday period.

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