The Oceanic Pro League semi finals are now over, and after two nights of intense competition the Chiefs and Dire Wolves have emerged victoriously. The Chiefs took on Team Immunity and won in three straight games, and the Dire Wolves clashed with Team legacy, winning three games to one. The Chiefs are currently sitting in first place on the OPL ladder with thirteen wins and a single loss, while Dire Wolves are coming second with eleven wins and three losses.

These two teams will now battle it out in a best of five final on Thursday April 9, competing¬†for the top spot in split one of Riot’s first Oceanic Pro League tournament. The winning team will not only score a cool $16,000, they’ll also get a chance to compete in the International Wild Card Invitational later this month, a huge opportunity for both these Australian teams.

Thursday night is set to be a big one, with both teams inevitably bringing their A-game to the battleground. The finals kick off at 6PM AEDT on the Riot Oceania Twitch channel, watchable right here on Respawn Ninja just below.

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In the mean time you can read up on the teams at the Riot Oceania eSports blog.