ROAM eSports, a talent management company for esports has announced their recent investment into oceanic esports organisation – SIN Gaming.

Made up of co-founders: Mark Richardson, Ahilleas Papantos and Drew Skinner – ROAM eSports is an extension of their music & entertainment talent management company Outpost Management. Together, the group has experience within the entertainment industry and has managed Jamiroquai to Japanese Wallpaper and has also overseen products and strategies for Adidas and NBN.

Ahilleas Papantos has released this statement:

“ROAM eSports was born out of our successful history in talent development and management. There are clear parallels between the entertainment and music industry and eSports in terms of share of wallet, market perception, market maturity and potential growth.”

“We see now as the perfect opportunity to integrate ourselves further into the Australian eSports economy, with RIOT Games increasing their investment into the professional League of Legends eSport league, non-endemic brands sponsoring professional teams, and the growing appetite from advertisers to effectively connect with millennial audiences. We’re now very committed to growing the brand and the dimension of the Sin Gaming organisation and are very confident in developing it into one of the biggest names in Australian eSports.”

SIN Gaming currently competes in the Oceanic Pro League. With a solid veteran line-up, we can’t wait to see what ROAM eSports do with SIN Gaming.