ROAM Esports, the Australian esports marketing and management agency has announced that Sin Gaming has been acquired by Mammoth Esports Enterprises and has rebranded as MAMMOTH. The team from ROAM Esports will continue to work in close partnership with the new board of directors of Mammoth taking the organisation to new heights in 2018.

Commenting on the acquisition, Brandon ‘Juves’ Defina – the captain of Sin Gaming said:

“I loved my time at Sin Gaming, it was special, it was something I created in my living room as a kid with dreams and aspirations. I was lucky enough to come across ROAM who helped the kid with a dream actually achieve them. The dreams don’t stop here though, I am SUPER excited to be able to work with Dion and his team. One chapter has ended with Sin Gaming but I am beyond excited to help make MAMMOTH one of the best and biggest esports names in Australia.”

Sin Gaming has been a community favourite among the League of Legends scene especially when the team managed to knock Chiefs Esports Club out of the OPL finals in 2017 and representing Australia at the Rift Rivals in Vietnam.

Ahilleas Papantos, director from ROAM Esports has also commented on the acquisition saying “We’re thrilled with our partnership with Dion Appel and his team to build MAMMOTH and also with the continued opportunity of working with a roster of players and staff that we have an incredible history and relationship with. Sin gaming did the impossible, proving many wrong time & time again, now MAMMOTH is here to win.”

President of Mammoth Esports Enterprises, Dion Appel is ecstatic to enter to the esports space having closely followed the industry’s emergence, identifying many parallels to extreme sports. “Talent was at the heart of my time in extreme sports and remains central in our decision to invest in an esports team. We are in for the long term and look forward to working with RIOT and contributing to this awesome industry’s growth.”

“It’s great to see another powerhouse consortium enter the OPL. A league is only as strong as the teams that compete in it which is why we’re excited to see the spirit of Sin evolve into Mammoth” says Daniel Ringland, Head of Esports at Riot Games Oceania.

MAMMOTH will be revealing their new international recruits in the coming weeks which will complete the organisation’s setup for OPL 2018 Split 2 and beyond. You can follow their new Twitter handle for the latest updates.