King of the Jungle

Gaming peripherals experts Roccat has taken elements from the legendary Kone[+] mouse and fused it with a whole bunch of new tech to create the Kone XTD – the new flagship mouse from the Roccat line-up. Will the Kone XTD be the new king of the jungle?

The Important Stuff

  • Pro-Aim Laser Sensor R3 with up to 8200dpi
  • 1000Hz Polling Rate
  • 1ms Response Time
  • 30G Acceleration
  • 16-bit Data Channel
  • 1-5mm Lift Distance
  • 72MHz Turbo Core V2 32-bit ARM Based MCU
  • 576kb On-Board Memory
  • Zero Angle Snapping/Prediction
  • 1.8M Braided Cable
  • Street Price – $69 AUD


The Roccat in it’s natural habitat


The Roccat XTD has the ergonomic right hand grip similar to the G400/MX550 mouse. It’s reasonably simple yet striking in the looks thanks to the coloured strips running down on each side of the mouse (which are customisable). The outer shell is fabricated with rubber so getting grip isn’t a issue. I personally love this type of coating as it eliminates slipping and sweat build up.

As the mouse is designed for right hand use only, there’s two side buttons featured on the left hand side of the mouse for quick presses. On the top of the mouse, you’ll find the plus and minus DPI adjusting buttons, menu button and the Titan Wheel.

Beneath the mouse, you’ll find the compartment for weights allowing you to customise how heavy your mouse drags.

What the heck is a Titan Wheel?

Basically the Titan wheel is engineered perfection of a mouse wheel. It’s designed to give gamers the most ultra precise wheel scroll ever. The wheel provides a 3KG Push Force in both directions and features the world’s most precise encoder. It’s also long lasting that delivers a long lifespan.


Roccat Kone-XTD3


Roccat has put an effort in delivering a well functioning and detailed software for the XTD Mouse. The software loads up quick and fast without any hesitation. The customisable features of the mouse are split into several different tabs – Main Control, Button Assignment, Advanced Control, Color, R.A.D and Update/Support.

Under the Main Control, users are able to customise the standard features on the mouse like DPI, Scroll Speed, Sensitivity and Double Click. Under this tab, you can also check out each of the increments you can set the DPI to for the switcher.

The button assignment page allows users to assign different commands to the range of buttons on the mouse. There is also an Easy Shift mode with the mouse allowing users to map another set of buttons on the pre-existing set which in return provides two levels of profiles for Button Assignments. Combine this with the Macro Manager, you’re set to dominate without using anything else but your mouse.

The Advanced page shows us the detailed settings on the mouse – mostly ones the average joe wouldn’t touch at all. Things like X-Y Axis, Tracking Control, Distance Control, Polling Rate are featured here.


Color Control is for the users that want more personality from the mouse. On this page, you can customise the LED strips on the side of the mouse to a color more suited for you (I love the look of purple on the XTD) You can also change the type of effect and speed of the colors.

R.A.D was an interesting addition to the software. It’s a statistic system that tracks and monitors your usage of the mouse. Since using the mouse for review, I’ve gained over 40k worth of clicks on the mouse. Not too sure if most of this is useful for anyone but it’s interesting to see the distance your mouse has travelled (1,155m) plus it adds on Trophies for you to unlock – similar to the achievements off Xbox Live.

Performance & Handling

The XTD now features an upgraded Pro-Aim Laser Sensor which increases the sensitivity of the mouse to a staggering 8,200DPI – which is quite unusable to my standards. Seriously who copes with that speed? Anyways the mouse is absolutely precise on point with the combination of the super smooth Teflon pads underneath.

Changing in-between DPI is simple with the use of the plus and minus buttons located on the top. A voice over does yell out the DPI level you’re on which was quite amazing making it less disruptive when in comparison to others. The voice however is voiced by Jay Tuck – not a bad thing in some cases but I would have preferred an option for Jen Taylor as well (voice of Cortana). It was just sometimes too awkward having an old man yell out the DPI changes. This option can be disabled however.

Roccat’s Titan Wheel was unbelivebly precise providing some accurate scrolls during gameplay. I did have one gripe with it and that’s the push down button on the wheel. While the scroll was fantastic, I found the down pushes was a little too sensitivity for myself which resulted in inaccurate throws in Battlefield 3. It’s possible that I may need to get used to it but from first use to now, it never felt natural to use.

The other con I found with the mouse was the definition of the curve where your thumb sits. It’s just a tad too deep. It makes hitting that closer left side button a little too hard at times which I just find use able in gameplay.



The Kone XTD is an excellent gaming mouse which has became my new daily mouse. The precision of the mouse has won me over the past brands I’ve used. It’s comfortable during long hours of gameplay and the rubber coating just tops it off. It’s unfortunate the Titan wheel down button didn’t work well for me otherwise this would be the perfect mouse, however that hasn’t stopped me using it. The Roccat Kone XTD has became the new king on my computer desk.


  • Ergonomic Design is Very Comfortable
  • Excellent Accuracy and Tracking
  • Cool Lighting
  • Amazing Software


  • Annoying Scroll Wheel Click
  • Hard to Reach Buttons
  • Lack of Different Voice Options

Thanks to Roccat for sending us a review unit.