Rocket League’s big update which includes new stadium ‘Neo Tokyo’ will be dropping this month on June 20th.

The update includes a cyberpunk inspired stadium previously known as ‘underpass’ but has been made even better with streamlined gameplay and highly-detailed environments. It will also be introduced into the competitive playlist on launch.

Heaps of other extras such as an expanded item drop system which drops ‘More than 20 “Rare” and “Very Rare” Item types for online, post-game drops’ and a new trade system, painted items and special certified items plus a lot more.

Two new vehicles will also be available coming to Rocket League Collection’s Edition owners first and then purchasable worldwide from July 18th.

“Known as “Esper” and “Masamune,” the pair of futuristic vehicles will bring a fresh anime aesthetic to Rocket League‘s ever-growing collection of playable vehicles.”

Check out the new trailer: