Paladins open beta patch number 41 brings some new visual customisation and the standard tweaks to champions. This patch also release’s Paladin’s new front line champion Torvald “The Runic Sage.”

Torvald is a front line champion that is set to be released with Paladin’s OB41 update. Torvald’s primary weapon of attack Gauntlet is a beam that locks onto enemies and deals damage to them. Recharge which allows him to regenerate his shield and while channeling it allows him to siphon his enemies shield while generating his. Projection applies a shield onto friends for 2000 shield health. His third ability Runic Blast is a short range silence that disarms enemies. Finally his ultimate gives Torvald the ability to knock his enemies back with a channeling blast.

The update also introduces a weekly PVE event. With the celebrations of the Chinese new year under way they have also added a themed item to unique Pip’s arsenal the Rooster Brewster which turns all his enemies into giant roosters when his ultimate is used. The Code Green skin pack released for Viktor with voice pack being sold separately.

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