Zack Pye otherwise known as Rusty is returning to the Oceanic Pro League (OPL) after the announcement of joining Avant Gaming as their head coach leading into 2019. Rusty previously casted for the OPL who left the region to cast the Legends Pro League or LPL based in China. He’s made several appearance back home in Australia with recently casting for the Rift Rivals and managing Team Queensland in the League of Origin.

Wesley ‘Wez’ Collier, Avant Gaming CEO has mentioned:

“Rusty approached us towards the end of this year and showed interest in joining Avant Gaming as a part of our coaching staff and I just couldn’t say no.” said Wez.

“After speaking with him I soon realized that he has extremely good management skills, an exceedingly strong passion for the game and not to mention his wide knowledge of the game from his experience in the LPL. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can bring to the table next year and also look forward to working with such a talented individual!”

Avant Gaming hasn’t revealed their League of Legends roster for the upcoming OPL season yet. Keep an eye on their Twitter for updates throughout this trade season.

Photo Credit: Riot Games Oceania