Frontier Developments, the team behind the Roller Coaster Tycoon series, has announced that their upcoming Xbox-exclusive game ScreamRide will be unleashing its thrills and spills on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One on the 3rd of March.

ScreamRide is set in the not-too-distant future where everyone has become bored and people need to be thrilled to near-death proportions. That’s where you come in – you have to make rides that will literally make them nearly poo their pants.

There are three types of levels in ScreamRide. ScreamRider tasks you with controlling the coaster and making sure you’re creating the most intense experience for riders without throwing them off to their death, Engineer missions give you a piece of a finished coaster and tasks you with completing the ride with a limited amount of track, and finally Demolition Expert, which sees you launching guests into destructible environments, setting off explosions and causing chain reactions to knock down as many buildings as possible to get the best thrill you can.

As well as the three modes mentioned above, you can make your own roller coasters in ScreamRide and share them online, which will please all of the tycoon-nuts out there (myself included).

ScreamRide will be available on the 3rd of March for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One.