The return of Dawn of War could be within our sights, after a domain registration for Dawn of War 3 was spotted over the weekend.

The domain (which is, quite simply, was registered by SEGA of America and according to the WhoIs Record, was last updated yesterday (the 5th of July). It’s important to note that by looking into the dates, the creation date of the domain was on February 11, 2008, with an update date of the 26th of March, 2015. The domain’s been in place for over seven years, and this necessarily doesn’t mean a new Dawn of War game is currently in the works, as it could just be SEGA holding onto the domain until the time’s right to eventually start development on a sequel.

Considering that Creative Assembly are bringing out a Total War game based within the Warhammer universe this year as well (even though it isn’t based within the 40K universe), the potential announcement of Dawn of War 3 this year looks fairly minute.

It is interesting to note though, and considering the Dawn of War series is hugely popular, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a sequel announced eventually.