Universal Soldier

Sennheiser is a reputable brand for high grade headphones. I use a Sennheiser HD380 daily for my audio listening and it never fails to impress me with it’s superb sound and product quality. So being given a gaming headset was a godsend…right?

Important Things

Cable Length: 4m
Connectors: 2.5mm to Xbox 360 Controller (Chat), 2x RCA to TV/Console (Audio) and USB for PS3 and PC Audio
Weight: 284g
Frequency Response: Headphones 15-23000 Hz / Microphone 70-15000 Hz
Impedance: 32
Sound Pressure Level: 113dB
Pick-up Pattern: Uni-directional
Sensitivity: -38dBV/Pa
Street Price: $199AUD


The Sennheiser U320 Gaming Headset is multi-platform unit designed to work with the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. In the box, you’ll receive the basic connections to hook up your headset. The headset itself is not a new design as it borrowed similarities in designs from the X Series headset – instead of the green accent, it features a striking blue one.

The Build Factor

The construction of the headset feels light and flimsy but overall sturdy enough for gaming use. The microphone slides from the band down to your mouth with the extension somewhat bendable for minor adjustments. It’s still rather stiff for my liking. The neatest part of this feature is the quick mute option when raising the microphone back up which I find easier than finding the mute button.

Further below the line, you’ll find the controller for the headset for volume/mic volume plus bass buttons. Yes a Bass Booster for those wanting more thump on your eardrums. It also includes a side-tone switch so you can monitor your own voice output – just in-case you’re not too loud. Part of the unit is also where the output line to your Xbox 360 controller starts from.


The only problem I saw with the design is the length of the cable. If you’re a cable neat freak like me,beware – cause I flip out at the 4M length cable getting everywhere. It’s also fairly thin meaning it keeps tangling up in a ball in the middle of my lounge room. I just hate excess cable. I’m sure Sennheiser wanted to add a long cable just in case someone lives in a mansion but it was way too much excess.


Design wise, it’s pretty much ticks all the boxes for an average wired gaming headset with nothing truly standing out. So let’s see how it performs.

Performance is the Key

Sennheiser are experts in the performance field and with the U320, it’s clear their gaming range lives up to their name. I’ve tested the game with some titles I’ve been playing like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on the Xbox 360 and Battlefield 3 on PC. Both games have intense audio and the need for voice communication.

The U320 did an amazing job with sound reproduction as it handled anything chucked at it from hard hitting explosions to roaring helicopters overhead. The incredible depth from the bass and clarity of the gameplay is where your money is at here.


The microphone, usually the most dodgiest part in other headsets did a fantastic job on the U320. The noise cancellation works a treat and testing it in chat felt clear and sharp when yelling out commands at your friends.

Outside of gaming, the headset works incredibly well with movies and music allowing users the same great quality experience you get with the usual music focused headphones from Sennheiser. The drivers are just nothing short of amazing in the U320s.

The Sennheiser U320 is an incredible piece of hardware for gamers wanting excellent sound with a thumping bass. The setup of the headset is very straightforward with it being wired the only main downside. I’ve had long sessions with this headset and the comfortability factor of the Flex designed band sits up high. If you have that extra pocket money for a premium quality wired headset that covers all the platforms, then it’s quite clear the U320 is for you.