Who wants some ‘Wang’ ?

Over the top, violent, rude and intense – Shadow Warrior is the remake of the original 3D Realms classic of the same name and it’s hitting current-gen consoles this year. With the game already available on the PC platform (unfortunately I┬áhaven’t had a chance to check it out) – I get hands-on with the first few levels of the game on the PlayStation 4.

I was a fan of the original Shadow Warrior and even picked up a copy of the remastered edition of the classic last year – to relive frantic shooter. However, I never really budged on picking up the reboot created by Flying Wild Hog Studios (creators of Hard Reset) and it fell off my radar. With the game coming out on PS4 and Xbox One later this year, Shadow Warrior is back on my radar of titles to play and after having hands-on with the PS4 version, I was quite surprised I had passed on the reboot.


As expected, Shadow Warrior is quite offensive (just like the original) – the depiction of main character Lo Wang and his try-hard east Asian accent is horri-bad and can easily offend anyone from that culture but heck, this is a video-game. Wang is a potty-mouth character so it doesn’t really help but jokes aside, the fun of Shadow Warrior comes straight from the tip of your blade.

Combat is frantic and the mix of Katana sword combat, sub-machine guns and setting will instantly remind you of the fights in the Kill Bill films. Limbs, heads and copious amounts of blood will fly as you swing your blade from left to right into a pack of enemies. Enemies will struggle on the ground after you tear through their legs and come in to finish them off. It’s a bloody affair and I will have to agree with the classification board on a R-18+ rating for this game.


The build ran well for the most part on PS4. I did however notice some FPS drops during sections where you brutally tear up opponents in a million pieces at once but it was quite expected and wasn’t game breaking. When comparing it with some game-play I’ve seen on the PC platform, there wasn’t really any noticeable difference between the two platforms.

Just like dodgy kung fu films – Shadow Warrior is more about the action than anything else. The story was quite b-grade (probably intentional) and the character dialogue is so cheesy (definitely intentional) yet I’m still quite excited to check out the full game when it hits the PS4 and Xbox One.

Shadow Warrior PS4 and Xbox One unleashes the moves on September 25th. Thanks to Bandai Namco Australia for allowing us to check out the game.