A roster swap bonanza has been undertaken in the OPL as Sin Gaming has traded their starting mid laner, Joshua “Wzrd” Russell, and their OCS AD Carry, Squidgy Boy, with Tainted Minds and picked up Chiefs substitute mid-laner, Tommy ‘Ryoma’ Le to replace Wzrd.

The roster changes were completed three days ago and will be registered by Riot in time for both team’s matches in the OPL this weekend. Tainted Minds have been scrambling to get their roster in order after four of their players unceremoniously left the team two weeks ago. Picking up Wzrd will be a boon for the team as they can return Praedyth back to the top lane and while they’ll still be struggling with a completely new roster, at least there will be some OPL experience for them next week.

Sin, on the other hand, decided to make their roster swap after deciding that while Wzrd was a great player he wasn’t quite gelling with the team as well as they needed him to for them to push for a playoffs spot.

Sin Gaming Owner, Christian “Starjun” Dirk has this to say about the roster changes:

“While Wzrd is a great mechanical player we just felt we needed a player with a different playstyle in order for us to become a top of the table team. We had been looking at Ryoma for a while now, and when Tainted Minds came to us looking to buy Wzrd, it kind of facilitated that move for us.”

Whether Sin has given one of their competitors, a fired up mid laner ready to sink his old team’s playoffs chances, or they’ve undertaken the necessary roster swap to lead them into playoffs is yet to be seen. With both Sin and Tainted Minds sitting tied for 5th on six points, these roster changes are going to make or break their seasons.

Sin Gaming will also be holding an AMA on the Riot Boards with their new starting mid, Ryoma, today from 6-7PM AEDT.