The two final teams have now been decided after European teams FNATIC and Origen were knocked out in semi finals over the weekend. While the European teams had some fight in them, both went down zero matches to 3 to their South Korean opponents.

These matches secured SKT Telecom T1, winner of Worlds 2013, and KOO Tigers places in the finals, held in Berlin, Germany next Saturday night. While SKT Telecom T1 are the favourites, moving completely undefeated through the entirety of their worlds run (admittedly, with a very easy group stage bracket), KOO Tigers managed to take down the FNATIC powerhouse many expected to reach the finals with little trouble.

One thing’s for sure, these two teams will provide quite the clash in the finals best of five. With the track record they have, neither team is going down without a fight.

The League of Legends World Championship 2015 final will air live at 10PM AEDST on Saturday 31st October. You can tune in on Twitch, YouTube or on the LoL Esports site, where you can also view the previous VODs.