Hit and Miss

Being a sniper is all about skilled marksmanship and patience. They’ll work towards their objective slowly finding the perfect keyhole allowing them to line up the enemy with ease. Each shot counts and missing is not an option – will Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 follow the footstep of a real sniper game and hit it’s mark?

When the intro cinematic starting rolling in, It felt hard not to compare it to a familiar shooter title that everyone plays. Sniper 2 seems to kick things up a notch in this department following in the footsteps of Call of Duty’s presentation. The whole, this bad guy has weapons, voice over sergeant talking to you (the troops) with typography lines going across the screen. We’ve seen this before, it wasn’t bad –  it’s just nothing new or interesting. The story is based around your usual shooter cliche and it was hard for me to even take notice or care about what was happening.

The story however wasn’t really going to grab anyone’s attention, it was something there to cover the best aspect of the game and that’s sniping itself. This element being the major selling point of the game is rewarding in every aspect, if you made it challenging that is. Jumping up the difficulty for Sniper 2 makes it a more enjoyable experience. The shooting mechanics require some careful estimates and a bit of luck for a well placed bullet and by jumping the difficulty up, it makes you think hard about pulling the trigger.

…cause if you missed the shot.

Things won’t turn out great for you as damage is taken quite seriously in this game. There’s no flying out of corners taking hits then jumping back into cover for self-healing. Once you get hit, you’re going down for the count. So timely lining up your target is the aim of the game here and the outcome of the shot makes it satisfying.

With the help of the powerful CryEngine 3, Sniper 2 goes from the bland looking budget environments of the previous game to something completely amazing. You’ll travel from the lush jungles to urban hot spots and the use of CryEngine 3 makes Sniper 2 look more than the budget title it was seen as before. However, having the best graphics around is not something to boast about if the rest of the game doesn’t live up to it and this is where Sniper 2 falls.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 doesn’t know what game it wants to be. A sniper game based on real world conditions and effects or just your typical shooter. During my play through, I can’t help grasp what the game wanted to focus on as it moves from the sniper stealth pace to all-out action segments. While the change in pace is welcoming, the unnecessary additions ruin the aspect of being a sniping game. Snipers fight from afar, not get in close for some trick shots. All we got was a mix bag of tunnel FPS and some sniping galleries.

With all shooter games, there comes a part where they must add some sort of online multiplayer into the mix. Unfortunately I can’t comment on this at all as there was no one playing online. I’m not too sure if anyone bothered to put servers up as well since there was only 4 online and they were Russian. So after patiently waiting for some kills (like the true sniper I am), there wasn’t anyone to play with. The Russian servers were mostly empty as well.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 was a missed opportunity. It had the right engine, the right mechanics to make it a worthwhile sniping game, unfortunately the execution was horrendous and short. The only best part of it was the sniping parts but you can only do so much if that was the only best part of the game. If more time was spent exploring what makes a sniper game, Sniper 2 could have sealed the deal but options out to be that 5-hr wanna-be shooter that we’ve all came to accept. It surely misses the mark.

Developer: City Interactive
Publisher: QV Software (Australia)
Release: March 19, 2013 (PC-Reviewed, Xbox 360 & PS3)

A PC version was provided by QV Software.