Sony PlayStation has finally unveiled their new console, the PlayStation 4 Pro. Previously codenamed PlayStation Neo, the PlayStation 4 Pro will support 4K resolution gaming and will launch into the current PlayStation 4 family.

The PlayStation Pro is backed by the latest AMD Polaris technology with the GPU power doubled compared to the standard PlayStation. It also has an increased clocked processor and will come with 1TB of storage space.


With this announcement, PlayStation has also revealed ‘Forward Compatible’ meaning current game releases with this tag will be patched and updated to support the new PlayStation 4 Pro power. Titles such as Uncharted 4 will be patched to take advantage of the new headroom.

PlayStation has also introduced High-Dynamic Range (HDR) gaming with the PlayStation 4 Pro. They’ve also announced that the standard PlayStation 4 models will also support HDR gaming.

The PlayStation 4 Pro will launch November 10th 2016 for $399 USD. So expect Australian pricing to be around $500-600 USD.

Update: The PlayStation 4 Pro will cost $559.95 AUD RRP in Australia.