We check out the air combat mode ‘Fighter Squadron’ in the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront.

Star Wars Battlefront will ship with a variety of modes and if taking the fight to the skies is your thing then Fighter Squadron is definitely the mode you’re looking for.

Fighter Squadron is pure air combat and features some of the most iconic vehicles from the Star Wars franchise. The map in our preview featured the Imperial Tie-Fighter and Rebel X-Wing vehicles. The game plays more team deathmatch as each team has a set number of tickets.

The mode is pretty straight forward and like the rest of Star Wars Battlefront – it’s easy to pick up and play. If you have played the beta and flew some of the flying vehicles – the game features a targeting system and auto aligns your fire as you chase them so you don’t have to be a pro-pilot to get decent kills in the game. It’s great for everyone but lacks depth and a competitive curved which could make the mode quite repetitive.


In way, you could see it as a mini-game mode than something you’ll be playing on a regular basis which is great if you can’t seem to grab those vehicle pick-ups in Walker Assault. The mode also features an objective where you must protect a transport ship and also allows you to grab hero pick-ups. If you ever wanted to fly the Millennium Falcon, now you can in Fighter Squadron mode.

We may have covered this before but the audio and visual of Star Wars Battlefront is incredible (like the rest of DICE’s games) running the Frostbite engine. Watch sparks fly off the enemy as you hunt them down blasting lasers from the rear. The cockpit view, while a little harder to get used to feels very authentic to the films like the rest of the game.

While it lacks depth and a difficulty curve, Fighter Squadron really captures flight combat well in Star Wars Battlefront. It’s fun to just jump in and blast your enemies away instead of comitting to a full Walker Assault match or something familiar. We just can’t wait for the game to arrive already.

Star Wars Battlefront hits PS4, Xbox One and PC this November 19th 2015.