Microsoft has announced that its open-world zombie game State of Decay will be making its way to Xbox One in April. Originally released on the Xbox 360, State of Decay puts you in the center of a zombie apocalypse with one goal – stay alive long enough to escape. It had deep resource management and base building elements and even featured perma-death if you weren’t careful.

The Year-One Survival Edition of the game includes both DLCs released for the game, those being Breakdown, a “how long can you survive” type ordeal and Lifeline, a more linear, story-based DLC that takes place in a new location in the game. As well as this, the game will be receiving the 1080p upgrade treatment, new textures, and also new lighting changes. Apparently there’s a knife you start with now too, leading to Michael Myers-like fighting.

If you already have State of Decay on Xbox 360, you’ll also get the Year One Survival Edition for 33% off and a new exclusive character that’s an Indian-American badass named Gurubani.

State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition releases on the 28th of April for Xbox One. An Australian price hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it’ll probably be around the $40 area.