It’s that game us Australians have been waiting for – you know the one that got refused classification. Well forget that blunder as Undead Lab’s State of Decay is now available in the land down under. I’m just going to throw some quick initial impressions on my first go of this game.

State of Decay doesn’t hold back at the start as I get thrown into the fray with zombies rushing me from different angles. This was the tutorial and it’s already feeding my hunger for some zombie smashing.

The controls and overall feel of the game felt very much like Grand Theft Auto, most likely what they were pushing for but it gets deeper than that. There’s lots of things to watch out and you’ll be ‘trying’ to play it smart the whole way. Stamina is the key focus here as everything you do – swing that cricket bat, jump and run etc uses stamina. It’s pretty much the critical point of the game, conserving your energy.




The world is built around exploration as I pretty much took the map in and explored every nook and cranny to find hidden weapons and supplies. I also found myself thinking before running in before any situation. Do I go through the window? Do I lure them out? Do I sneak in? Do I hit them with a Cricket Bat? The options are there and so are the consequences so plan ahead.

I’ve only played about an hour of this game and it felt like I’ve only unwrapped the plastic seal off the cover. It’s a big title and I can see myself investing lots of time into the management side of things. I can’t wait to delve further and come back with the full story.

State of Decay is now available on Xbox Live – We’ll post a review as soon as we’re done head stomping the zombies.