It’s one of those times of the year when your gamer eyes start to bulge out of their sockets but your wallet starts to retreat and hide in the darkest corner of your bedroom – Steam Sales.

It’s Autumn (Fall) over in the U.S which means it’s the Steam Autumn Sale, and just like every Steam sale there’s a cosmos of great games that have their prices dropped. You’ll see price drops from 10% to 90% in some cases, and you can put money on (and you will) the fact that some of your favourites that you’ve been pining for will be on sale at some point over these next few until the sale ends on December 1st.

With that in mind – I decided to ask the Respawn.Ninja crew for three of their picks from the sales, and a short description, check it out:


Star Wars Collection -77% off the package: $22.99USD

Battlefront got you down? For $22.99 you can grab 14 of the best games Star Wars has on offer, including KOTOR, Republic Commando and Empire at War.

Alien: Isolation -75% off: $12.49USD

ss_90419f0e549d54138abfeb3c7b78e4b5427afdb0Isolation is easily one of the best games of 2014, nailing the atmosphere and tension of the original Alien film. Fans of horror and sci-fi shouldn’t miss this. As a side note, the season pass is currently $7.49, which nets you all the game’s DLC.

Shadowrun Triple Pack -50% off the package: $14.99USD

The Kickstarted Shadowrun games are a fantastic and modern take on the old tabletop role playing games, complemented by a great soundtrack and artstyle.



Devil May Cry -70% off: $8.99USD

Devil May Cry has always been one of the best hack and slash titles around and the reboot of the series is SSSensational!!!

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance -75% off: $7.49USD

ss_222d9f9e820ddd9efb83f18768f6b72734367095Kojima is known for creating gaming magic and this is no exception. Get ready to hack through enemies with some insane fighting mechanics.

Terraria -66% off: $3.39USD

If you and your friends want something to play together, Terraria has a lot of new content to keep you entertained!



Wargame Franchise Pack -75% off the package: $12.49USD

If you ever wanted a military strategy that is both realistic and challenging than look no further than the Wargame franchise. This underrated title will fulfil every military buff’s fantasy.

Insurgency -66% off: $5.09USD

A modern warfare version of Red Orchestra, Insurgency is for those who want a harder shooter. Despite coming out early 2014, the game still has a great community and an active developer whom delivers constant free content.

Door Kickers -80% off: $3.99USD

ss_0d8b17c66629848abdbb42fa0de81801ae52d2a6A top down realtime strategy game – Door Kickers is pretty much a SWAT simulator where you knock down doors, shoot terrorist and hopefully take no damage. With lots of content and modding support – there’s lot of stuff to keep you occupied.


Last but not least, my list:

Cities: Skylines -50% off: $14.99USD

SimCity came and went in a flash of buggy, annoying and downright ugly smoke. Something that came along and took the “City Builder” community by storm was this little gem from Colossal Order. It can get downright complex in Skylines (especially when it comes to efficiency in your roadways) but it’s just plain fun, and doesn’t take too much to get a grip on.

Elite: Dangerous -67% off: $14.84USD

11289502_876550845750949_8890697511368530892_oElite: Dangerous is a stellar (sorry I had to) space sim which is a great deal of fun to fly around through some epic space battles – but also just to simply explore. The visuals in Elite are spectacular, and upon my first visit to a star I was given a full example of this. The physics nerd in me also had a lot of fun in this game, given that space-time is represented in quite a realistic fashion which was rather impressive.

Banished -75% off: $4.99USD

I’m a huge fan of long-term city-builder strategy games – in the vein of Settlers 1, Sins of a Solar Empire and the like. When I first heard about this game made by one solitary developer I was fascinated and had to give it a go. Roughly 100 hours later I’m still enjoying jumping into this somewhat calming yet intriguing game. It doesn’t have the same depth and complexity of Cities: Skylines, however it does have it’s various challenges and it has a lot of charm.

Once the Autumn Sale ends I’ll be doing a few game giveaways of some of my favourites over on my Facebook page, head over and keep an eye out for those giveaways soon.