Wargaming has announced that new ‘fierce’ Supremacy Mode has arrived on World of Tanks Blitz for mobile devices.

Similar to Battlefield’s Conquest mode, each team much capture several bases around the battlefield to gain 1000 points or completely wipe out the enemy to win.

“We always experiment with in-game activities and try to make the game more interesting for our players,” said Artem Safronov, World of Tanks Blitz Global Publishing Producer. “The new game mode has been made in such a way that any vehicle type can be maximally effective in battle. Supremacy stimulates active battling related to capturing bases and encourages greater game dynamics and teamwork.”

If you want to check out World of Tanks Blitz and the new Supremacy Mode, players can download the game for free on smartphones and tablets, as well as on Windows 10 devices and Mac OS X.