Plantronics Tainted Minds has announced that they’ve acquired former Team Immunity COD roster and will be representing Australia and New Zealand at the Call of Duty: World Championships this September.

After a disappointing Call of Duty: World League – Stage 2 result, Plantronics Tainted Minds failed to make the finals finishing 5th. This is when former Plantronics Tainted Minds player Reef ‘Eminence’ Galloway reached out to Tainted Minds to acquire the now former Team Immunity COD roster.

Team Immunity came first place in the ANZ World Championships Online Qualifier which earned them one of the four Australian / New Zealand spots in the World Championships at Call of Duty: XP.

Here’s the new Plantronics Tainted Minds COD Roster:

  • Reef ‘Eminence’ Galloway [C]
  • Guy ‘Guydra’ Worthington
  • Ryan ‘Killerpie’ Wallath
  • Cody ‘Excite’ Rugolo


“This is one of the hardest decisions we’ve had to make both personally and as an eSports organisation. On one hand we absolutely love the former squad and believe we did everything we could to facilitate their success. We stood by them through roster changes and underwhelming performances in the past and put our faith in the boys to bounce back. On the other hand we can’t look past an opportunity like this and are excited to once again work with Reef along with his new squad. Unfortunately the heat of the moment combined with their emotions after failing to qualify for Champs got the better of some of our former players last night on social media. As a result, rather than holding both teams until Infinite Warfare we have decided to release the former lineup. We really hope they manage to find a new home and look forward to seeing them back at peak performance in 2017.” – Nick ‘DSav’ Bobir – Founder / CEO Tainted Minds

“I’m ecstatic & extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to represent Tainted Minds once again. Tainted Minds has been my home for the majority of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 & happy to call it home one more time, with the addition of Killerpie, Guydra & Excite. We’re all looking forward to continuing the journey in growing Tainted Minds with our first step being Call Of Duty Championship in September!” – Reef ‘Emincence’ Galloway – Captain of Plantronics Tainted Minds

Plantronics Tainted Minds will be representing Australia and New Zealand in Call of Duty: XP at the World Championships live from Los Angeles September 2nd – 4th, with a total prize pool of $2 Million USD.

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