Announced last night, Tainted Minds has revealed their new Call of Duty roster for 2017 picking up the ex-Orbit squad. The roster features player Denholm ‘Denz’ Taylor whom left Mindfreak back in December and Hayden ‘Damage’ Handakas from Avant Garde. The squad is also joined by Rene ‘Zeuss’ Corporaal and Giancarlo ‘Nimble’ Vagnini making Tainted Minds COD, a team to watch for this year.

The announcement means the organisation will be saying goodbye to Reef ‘Eminence’ Galloway whom has announced his new 2017 roster in his TwitLonger here.

Rene ‘Zeuss’ Corporaal:

After setting our goals for this year, we feel that Tainted Minds are the perfect home for us for 2017 and beyond. With glowing recommendations from former and current players of the organisation, we can’t wait to be a part of the Tainted family and broadcast our talents domestically and internationally under their name.

Here’s the roster line-up:

  • Denholm ‘Denz’ Taylor
  • Hayden ‘Damage’ Handakas
  • Rene ‘Zeuss’ Corporaal
  • Giancarlo ‘Nimble’ Vagnini

You can check out the detailed announcement post here.