Tainted Minds has revealed that their Call of Duty roster will be attending the upcoming MLG Atlanta featuring a $200K prize pool. This makes them the third team out of the APAC region to attend the event.

We’ve reached out to Denholm ‘Denz’ Taylor to comment on the reveal:

“Being able to attend an MLG event is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most, and with how meaningful pro points are to each region, we thought it couldn’t be a better time to show our worth to the rest of the world. We are very grateful for this opportunity provided by Tainted Minds, and are looking forward to proving ourselves at the event.”

Tainted Minds roster heading into MLG Atlanta:

  • Hayden “Damage” Handakas
  • Denholm “Denz” Taylor
  • Rene “Zeuss” Corporaal
  • Giancarlo “Nimble” Vagnini

With no pool play for APAC teams – Tainted Minds, Chiefs and MindFreak will be fighting it out in the open bracket. The event takes place between February 10th – 12th, 2017 and features a $200K Prize Pool and CoD Pro Points.