Tainted Minds have proven themselves a serious contender in Season 3 of the SMITE Oceanic Pro League but their mission is far from over as they take on one of the Oceanic favourites – Team Pandamonium in the Split One final this weekend.

“We love a challenge and who doesn’t enjoy a Dark Horse story” said Tom ‘Tomolomu’ Morgan – Captain and Support player of Tainted Minds SMITE Team. “They [Pandamonium] have once again proved this split that they are the team to beat, absolutely crushing majority of the teams in the OPL.”

“We are certainly the underdogs in this fight, however, having tasted victory in one of our 3 OPL games against Panda, we know what it takes to bring them down and are confident that we can beat them this weekend.”

“we know what it takes to bring them down and are confident that we can beat them this weekend.”

The team is confident and Tom acknowledges the team may not share the same experience as Team Pandamonium but are willing to take the challenge head-on this weekend.


Tom ‘Tomolomu’ Morgan

The Oceanic Pro League will be hosting its first LAN event for the season and while iDivine has experience in the past, the rest of the team does not. I asked whether training has changed in any way to prepare for this tournament differently.

“For this particular event there has been limited change in our normal weekly practice besides the fact that we are working on some different team compositions and working on particular gods that we think will perform best with limited latency.”

The team however will be focusing on soaking up the atmosphere and pressure that comes from playing in a venue. It’s a great move considering they can gauge on what’s to expect when it comes to playing LANs.


Australian Technology Park – Sydney

Looking back at the split, Cody ‘iDivine’ Davies – Tainted Minds’ Solo Lane player discusses about their performance in this split.

“We have very good late game team fight and synergy between players, having Shred (our Jungler) and myself (Solo Lane) wreak havoc on the enemy’s backline and our trio of Mid Lane, ADC and Support fending off the enemy’s frontline.”

There’s always room for improvement and iDivine mentions about their early-mid game fights and Jungle control.

“We know that we can beat the enemy with our late game team fighting but that requires us to make it to late game without losing all control of the game. That has been one of our main focuses leading up to the event.”


Cody ‘iDivine’ Davies

Hi-Rez Studios has put a lot of support in the oceanic region and iDivine has praised on behalf of the team the growth of the game.

“The effort Hi-Rez have put into making smite grow in the Oceanic region has had an overwhelmingly positive response from the community. Having multiple LAN events throughout the year combined with a $100,000 dollar total prize pool has sparked interest from many Smite players and many Australian organisations have begun investing in teams that they think can make it to that number 1 spot.”

“Hi-Rez has made Oceanic Smite one of the biggest games in the region and hopefully in the not too distant future, rival that of Call of Duty, Counter-Strike and League of Legends.”

After personally attending the PAX Australia final last year where Avant took on Dire Wolves, it’s not hard to see why Hi-Rez has made the push in the region. The crowd was amped and energetic which could only go higher in 2016. Time will tell.

Tainted Minds and Team Pandamonium are scheduled to take each other on for the prize pool of $6,000 this Sunday at the CyberGamer Pro League (CGPL).

You can check out more information of the event here.