The ZIMO PUBG solo competition kicked off yesterday at the Melbourne Convention Centre where Tainted Mind’s player Subslayer took out the competition against the best players around APAC.

Subslayer was two kills down from LionKK from OMG, who was in first position going into the last game of the day. Harnessing the power of the mullet, Subslayer came out on top of the free-for-all segment of the ZIMO PUBG Invitational against 80 players locking in the points he needed to overtake.

A whopping 6 out of 10 players who came out on top are ANZ locals.

“Was good to just get into the games and once i started picking up those first frags i felt at home. Everyone plays slightly different in solos to squads anyway so i just played my own game. Was awesome to get that first win and a T3 placing as well in game 3. There’s some solid competition at this event!”

“Coming into the last match i knew i had to find a couple of kills to get the win so i just played for those and hoped it was enough. I’m looking forward to squads now with the Tainted lads and hopefully back that up with a win as well. We normally play FPP and this being TPP will be interesting but we reckon we have what it takes. The event so far has been really good and the venue is crazy! We have been looked after well and it’s a good start for a huge PUBG event in ANZ. Shoutout to the mullet, couldn’t have done it without it.”

After the win and walking away with $8K from the solo FPP, Subslayer and his Tainted Minds teammates look forward to competing the squad matches from today.