As a part of YouTube’s E3 coverage, Randy Pitchford of Gearbox Studios lifted the lid on Battleborn in a panel with Geoff Kieghley, showing off a whole lot of the game for the first time. Battleborn is quite a new twist on current games from the studio, akin to what Borderlands did in mashing up genres when it first launched. True to Gearbox style, the game seems a lot like Borderlands in the way it plays and the look of the world, but also manages to retain its own feeling of zaniness different to that we saw on Pandora.

Randy also spoke about the two main aspects of the title, its story and its competitive PvP sections. The premise for the game is simple – one star remains in the galaxy, and as all races capable of intergalactic travel converge on that last refuge a vibrant mix of characters and creatures come together to encounter a new enemy, the Varelsi. Thus, the fight to save the galaxy begins.

The story takes the form of 9 ‘episodic’ missions (all included and playable day one), playable in co-op or solo. Competitive PvP modes have yet to be announced but ensuring balance and fast paced gameplay are priorities for Gearbox. In both modes you’ll be able to play as any character from a cast of 25 varied heroes, with different roles and archetypes for wide range of player preference.

You can check out the E3 trailer below, but it’s fair to say the game looks very cool. Hopefully we’ll see some more gameplay from the showfloor and other expos before the game launches later this year on PS4, Xbox One and PC.