Nick “Tasteless” Plott has announced that he’ll be commentating a few matches from a Korean Starcraft: Brood War tournament next week. Dan “Artosis” Stemkoski will be joining him at the desk – the Casting Archon is back for Brood War action!

While Tasteless didn’t technically confirm the tournament at the time – according to info we’ve found, the VANT National StarLeague is reaching it’s peak next week so we believe this will be the tournament with the English broadcast.

The first semi-final match of VNSL was played yesterday be between a incredibly well-known SCBW Protoss player Bisu – against underdog Terran, Sharp. Bisu took the series 3-1 in convincing fashion, and will be facing off  in the grand final on January 23rd. He will be against the winner of the Zerg v Zerg fight of Effort v Zero, which will be played on Monday 18th January at 19:00 KST.

Tasteless and Artosis will be casting the semi-final, and then the grand final. For a great look at the VNSL Semi-Finals, check out this fantastic preview article on Team Liquid.

An Afreeca (who broadcast this tournament) rep “Char” has noted on reddit that the broadcast from Tasteless and Artosis will be over at There’s also another stream from the regular VNSL commentators BisuDagger and amazingxkcd over at

According to Tasteless, some in Korea that may not believe the foreign viewership to consistently produce full-production English commentary for Brood War moving forward. It seems this upcoming broadcast will be a bit of a test-bed for the option of further SCBW action down the track.

Both Tasteless and Artosis have always expressed their profound love for their former major game, and with the Korean scene for Brood War slowly returning once again since the inception of Sonic Starleague and the VNSL – perhaps Brood War will return to us more regularly.