PandamoniumGG wins SMITE Oceania Split One Final in a thrilling final match

Team Pandamonium were the hot favorites coming into the LAN final for the SMITE Oceania Pro League Split One undefeated throughout the season. However, PLT Tainted Minds made the Pandas work to defend the title in a thrilling afternoon at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney.

In the first match of the final, PandamoniumGG showed their strengths putting down PLT Tainted Minds in a very one-sided game. While it looked like PLT Tainted Minds had a small chance to take out the final after the first match, the team stepped up to the plate in the second match which had everyone surprised.


PLT Tainted Minds’ Mid-Laner ‘Slycy’ Goes Super Saiyan

The afternoon lead on back and forth with PLT Tainted Minds proving a worthy challenger levelling the playing field at game 4 going 2-2 against the favourites. With final heading into game 5, it was the match to watch as PLT Tainted Minds look extremely dominant throughout most of the game. When all hope looked lost for PandamoniumGG, mid-laner Ochita turned the tide of the match taking out the powerful buff reward for the champions leading them to victory in a thriller of a game which had everyone at the edge of their seats.

The final was by far one of the games I’ve seen in the local SMITE Oceanic scene as the underdogs put up a big fight in attempt to overtake the champions.

Below is the break-down of the Split One Prize Pool (Season Prize Pool – $100K):

1st Place – PandamoniumGG – $6,000
2nd Place – Plantronics Tainted Minds – $2,500
3rd Place – LG Dire Wolves – $750
4th Place – Avant Garde – $750
5th Place – Sin Gaming – $250
6th Place – Trident Esports – $250

SMITE Oceanic Pro League Season 3 will continue with Split Two after the Relegation Tournament which gives the challenger teams an opportunity. The Relegation Tournament begins this weekend – more details here. Split Two details are yet to be revealed.