Split Two of the Oceanic Pro League (OPL) is around the corner and Team Regicide who moved up from the OCS has already been fined.

A competitive ruling has been giving to the organisation from Riot Games Oceania after the team “failed to submit a conforming roster substitute by the deadline” which ended on May 22nd 2017.

“Teams are given notices prior to the start of the season of deadlines to submit appropriate paperwork for their Week 1 roster. These deadlines ensure that the proper background checks for all players in the league can be conducted. They also ensure that every team in the league has equal visibility into their respective Week 1 opponent’s roster. To ensure an equal playing field of the OPL, we enforce these deadlines strictly.”

Team Regicide was fined $1,000 and faced an additional in-game penalty “in the form of a complete ban loss for their Week 1 match.”

The team has faced troubles in the last few months with three of their players being banned during the Challenger Series in March. Full release is available here.