Telltale Games has revealed a new feature for their upcoming Batman series that viewers to influence in-game decisions via their smartphones.

This was demonstrated during a live gameplay event at San Diego Comic Con where a crowd of 500 viewers were given a chance to weigh in on the choice. All they had to do was access a unique URL and login code which can potentially open boundaries to streamer interactions with their audience.

Speaking to Inverse, creative communications head Job Stauffer explained about the new crowd play feature saying “A lot of us at Telltale who were raised on adventure games were just so immersed in this unique story-driven experience, growing up with all these different genres, whether it was comedy or noir or sci-fi,” Stauffer said. “[Because of that], it was rare that there was ever a two-player game, like arcade action or all the other multiplayer games that everyone grew up with.”

Not that that stopped anyone playing vintage adventure games from “multiplayer” play.

“A lot of us grew up playing with friends or family members crowded around one screen, going through the story and talking to the characters, with [everyone] pointing at certain objects or where to click or deciding what to say,” Stauffer noted. “It’s just something that we’ve kind always just done for fun.”

Check out the interview here. Telltale’s Batman series first episode ‘Realm of Shadows’ will be available worldwide from August 2nd, 2016 on consoles, PC and mobile devices.