After a long three days of interviews and checking out the latest games, we have decided to run our own little awards for the best things we saw at the show. We set out five different awards and here’s the lucky winners:

Best Game on Show


 Titanfall РEA Games

It’s not surprising to see Titanfall take out our Best Game on Show award as it blew our minds away in it’s fast paced twitch shooting ground/mech combat. The game is intense and the flow is amazing. We just can’t get enough of it. Believe the hype.

Best Hardware on Show


The Xbox One Console

The Xbox One, we had some play time with the new console at EB Games Expo and we have to admit – it’s a must buy. The controller felt awesome as so did the pulsating triggers. There’s a good line-up at launch and Forza just looks incredible.

Best Booth at Show


Microsoft Xbox

Nothing was more spectacular, helpful and involving than Microsoft’s Xbox booth. There was plenty of games on offer in an wide open area. Everyone got a chance to play their newest console, the Xbox One plus they had a tag system where it got people involved to win a range of prizes. There was even charging points for mobile phones while you wait for games! Great work Microsoft.

Best Car at Show


The Ferrari in-front of the NFS: Rivals stand

There was a few cars at the expo this year like the Lexus LFA representing different games but nothing else was more appealing and sexy than the Ferrari sitting outside the NFS:Rivals stand. Oh you sexy Ferrari.

The game that no one noticed but turned out to be awesome Award.


Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

We never really had a chance to look at this game before interviewing the Community Manager when we should have. Might Quest for Epic Loot is an upcoming free to play game that takes some hack n slash with some tower defense style gameplay. It played well and we can’t wait for it. This game was definitely one of the highlights at Ubisoft.

Also a special mention to Jiggsy from EA Games Australia – the guy with the T-Shirt cannon unloading rounds of swag into the army of fans at the expo. Seriously a T-shirt cannon.

We have plenty of coverage and interviews being worked on now, stay tuned over the next week to check out all the details from the EB Games Expo 2013.