Another year, another April Fools and the best jokes honestly come from the gaming hardware industry that seem to push out the best every year. Here’s a round-up of the best jokes we’ve saw this year:

Corsair B11-ND RGB Gaming Monitor

Customisable RGB is all the rage now in gaming peripherals and pretty much everything in the industry has them except monitors. Well Corsair is going to change that by introducing the Corsair B11-ND RGB Gaming Monitor.

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Razer Toaster

It’s finally here, the most requested product from Razer fans – the Razer Toaster! Codename Breadwinner, the Razer Toaster will see input by the community to implement special features such as Chroma Energy Butter. Butter for days!

Check it out here.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Energy Drink

Need more fps for your body? Overclock your body now with the GeForce GTX Energy Drink. Drink up, game on.

Check it out here.

MSI The One Modular Motherboard

Why change motherboards when you a new chipset is out? With the MSI The One, you only need one motherboard. This motherboard allows you to change anything you want. You can even mount it in your office partition. (We actually wish this is a real thing)

Check it out here.msi-theone

Cryorig Air Fan VR

2016 is the year of Virtual Reality and Cryorig, the cooling company wants to jump into the market as well. Now you can enter VR (Virtually Redundant) world with Cryorig.

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