The Division has launched on all three platforms yesterday and there’s been plenty of community work involved to compile information together. There’s even a few helpful tools created by the community to assist players on setting up and building their character.

Skill Calculator by Miodec

So Miodec has created this really awesome page that replicates the same in-game Skill Menu. From here you can help understand what class and skills are available plus also the talents and perks you can unlock. The calculator also contains the attributes.

Check it out here.


DPS Calculator by Skill Up

Another helpful tool created by the community to help build and calculate the DPS on your character. The people at Skill Up have made a DPS calculator. You can easily enter dmg, buffs etc. here to calculate how much damage your character will have using specific weapons and gear.

Check it out here.


Interactive Map by GameWiki

The people at GameWiki have an external map you can already use to find collectibles, encounters etc. It’s pretty handy if you want to find resources for crafting, intel locations and different encounters plus more.

Check it out here.


Massive Weapon List, Stats and More by ItsGamerDoc

There’s a few lists out there but we’ve found this to the best so far. It has the different types of weapons available with stats like DMG, Range and more included. There’s also a list of the attachments available right down to the gun talents. It’s a growing list but this has been really helpful so far to track what’s available.

Check it out here.


These tools really helped us on the first night of The Division. We’ll continue updating this list with more things we find.