Over on the official Na’Vi website the stalwart Ukrainian team has announced that they will be disbanding their Dota 2 roster, ending (at least for now) the era of one of the most well-recognised and respected Dota 2 brands in the community.

Natus Vincere have been a very strongly supported team throughout their Dota history spanning 5 years. Ever since Goblak, XBOCT, Mag, Deff and Axypa came together in 2010 they’ve been present in Dota 1, and then through their transition into Dota 2 they managed to snag the first ever “International”. Finding a fun camera-happy, human mascot in Dendi – the continued to push through many tournaments across the globe, winning Starladder’s, The Defence, Dream league and even a few ESWC’s.

But as of late during the early 2015 season, the Na’Vi group has been struggling. They’ve had some trouble stringing wins together, and even despite a valiant effort at The International 5, they’ve just never had that same feeling. Evidently, the management and decision makers have decided that for now, they will disband the team and see what may happen down the line.

The big questions are – how will the EU Dota 2 scene react with some very talented players becoming free agents? How will Na’Vi fans take the news? And biggest of all – how long until we see another twinkle in Natus Vincere’s eyes?