For those with a love for both feature-length documentaries and video games and reside in Sydney, check your schedule for tomorrow night – two video game documentaries will be airing in Paddington.

The first film of the night, GameLoading: Rise of The Indies, was kickstarted in 2013 and follows a variety of indie studios and the growing subculture of independent game development. There’s interviews with some of the biggest independent studios in the industry today, so if you’re even remotely interested, check out the trailer and make the call.

The second film of the night is Us & The Game Industry, which explores computer game development. The interviews within the film are from well-known independent studio ThatGameCompany, known for Journey, Flower and flOw, and documents the process of developing Journey and bringing it to the PlayStation 3 in 2009.

GameLoading: Rise of The Indies starts at 6:30pm, with Us & The Game Industry following at 8:30pm. Tickets for the former are $16 each, with the latter being $12 each. Tickets are still available here.