Remastering a Masterpiece

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Are you prepared to pay and play for the same game again? That is the question most players will come across during the next console phase. Do we need remastered, definitive, ultimate Full HD versions of games we played over the last two years? Well apparently the developers thinks so. I get if a game was 10 years old and was quite popular during the time of release but what about a game that’s a year old?

The Last of Us Remastered is pretty much an anniversary edition of the original game that came out on the PlayStation 3 last year. With that version running at 30fps with 720p native resolution, the Remastered version pushed the game up to 1080p native running at 60fps. At first I didn’t expect quite a leap as the PS3 version graphics were quite decent – the Remastered version took me by surprise presenting a much more rich, smooth and detailed world of the original game. The Remastered version also has an option to lock the frame-rate down to 30fps – just in case you want consistency across the board as the game does sometime dip but it only happens now and then.


The Remastered edition also obviously takes advantage of the newer PlayStation 4 features with the touch pad being used for ease of menu access. The light bar is now used for determining the characters health during the game changing from green to red if you start to take damage. Also a nice touch is the clicking of Joel’s flash-light coming out from the speaker. They have also switched the controls for aim and shoot for the Remastered edition from L1/R1 to the natural trigger like contours of the L2/R2 which was quite a welcome change.


Gameplay wise, they have added the extra difficulty called ‘Grounded’ for those wanting a challenge with harder enemies and no HUD plus the ‘Left Behind’ prequel DLC. Everything else was left unchanged. I was kinda disappointed they didn’t take the extra step with the Remastered edition to fix up some parts of the AI and ammo issues but it’s small complaints and really doesn’t effect the powerful emotional-driven storyline. Another inclusion is the photo mode where players can take in-game screenshots or even selfies (yep), which is a nice addition for those wanting to experiment their photography within the game world. There are breathtaking scenery and segments during the game so why not?

The Last of Us was a great game and was pretty much one of the most stand out titles of the last generation of consoles but did it really need a Remastered edition so soon? For me, it’s one of those games that I would play through once and be satisfied, so it was quite hard to go through all of it again as the strongest parts of the story didn’t really feel as heavy the second time around. For me, it was more about checking out how much of an improvement, in terms of visuals, can be built within such a small time space and that’s where it really delivered for me.


The Last of Us Remastered is the same great masterpiece upgraded thanks to the power of the PS4 console. A experience all must witness especially for newcomers.

The Last of Us Remastered Review
Incredible visual upgradesPowerful storylinePacked with all the content
Remastered already?
100%Overall Score