You’ve probably heard the pricing all around the internet by now but if you haven’t – the Oculus Rift will set you back $599 USD. That’s a whopping $848 AUD based on today’s exchange rate and that doesn’t include shipping!

The Oculus Rift release date has also been revealed with first shipments starting from March 28th, 2016 to a selected list of launch countries – Australia and New Zealand are on the list.

So what do you get for that massive investment into Virtual Reality? The HMD (Head’s Up Display) obviously, sensor, remote and an Xbox One controller. You will also get this nifty box that houses the whole package together. Included with all Rift purchases is a game called Lucky’s Tale and all pre-orders get EVE: Valkyrie.


The price comes at a shock to many when previous pricing thrown around has been around the $300-400 USD mark but with further advancements in the market – $599 USD may not be so overboard but like most things that come into Australia, we get the worse end of the deal. Will you be diving into Virtual Reality or are you waiting to see what comes out of the other manufacturers?

You can preorder the Oculus Rift here.