We’ve waited years for a title that’s based on a movie or TV show that can prove to us “Hey we can be a decent game” – The Walking Dead Survival Instincts is this game.

Survival Instinct doesn’t just give you a gun and some zombies to kill. It features an incredibly deep and moving storyline that not only links into the show really well, but improves the story of brothers Daryl and Merle Dixon because what is better than Merle Dixon in a fucking video game.

Survival Instinct pushes the boundaries on current gen consoles, managing to look and feel like a next-gen title. The intricate design and animation work on display in the zombie models shows just how much work Terminal Reality have put in to ensure that this is, visually, the best game of the last decade.

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct manages to come out of left field and make a clean sweep of everyone’s expectations. Visually it’s stunning, and between Daryl and Merle, we’re treated to some of the best voice acting this side of a Disney movie. There’s an astounding level of detail in every aspect of the game, from the levels, right down to the menus. Anyone who experiences this game is sure to see that it is an absolute masterpiece. The Walking Dead Survival Instinct isn’t just our early choice for Game of the Year, it’s shaping up to be Game of the Generation.  Merle and Daryl in a bloody video game. You can’t get any better than this. 

Note: This review may contain traces of sarcasm. You should seriously consider the consequences before deciding if you want to buy this game. (We hated this game)