OPL Week 10

The well drafted Chiefs put a stop to the Sin Gaming win streak this week in the OPL legends match, besting them 2-0 in the best of 3 game series. The Chiefs jungler Spookz found himself very fed early on Kindred and Sin simply couldn’t find the correct flanks to shut down The Chiefs damage. Sin gaming’s line-up also relied on gaining momentum and splitpushing with Rymeister’s patented mid Diana. Swipper denied Diana the ability to spit push at all turns of the game, and eventually was strong enough to 1v1 her whilst chiefs pushed for the win. Chiefs started the second game with a slight upper hand in the lane/tower swap by snagging 2 early kills against Juves and Rogue. Both SIN Chippy and Rymeister were the key to victory in game 2, but nothing was strong as the ‘winions’. Chiefs managed to destroy Sins base but failed to finish the nexus and were aced by respawning SIN members. As impressive as a comeback would have been, it wasn’t to be and super minions engulfed SIN’s base as they tried to secure a baron. The game was soon over, and the Chiefs minions were MVP.  This locked Chiefs into the second spot and placed SIN in a respectable 3rd.


In the rest of the OPL Trident beat Infernum in back to back games locking Infernum in last place on the OPL standings whilst Legacy maintained their first place standing by shutting out Avant Garde blood thirsty 2-0 set. Finishing off this week 10 of the OPL Hellions crushed the Dire Wolves 2-0 in what seemed near easy fashion. This victory unfortunately didn’t allow Hellion’s to climb the ladder, and after what seemed like a very promising start to the split have finished in the less than desirable 6th place.

EU LCS Week 9

As many could of imagined G2 have finished their first normal split in first place.  G2 started week 9 with a shaky win against Splyce that had more than just G2’s finishing position at stakes. If G2 were to lose against Splyce, G2 would lose control of soul position at first place guaranteeing them the bye, but also would jeopardize the standing of other team and allow potential tie breakers. Fortunately for G2 they managed to avoid that situation and found victory.

The game was settled off the back of an incredible Bard Tempered Fate into a double stun that caught two Splyce members in a choke point approaching Baron. After they were down, G2 simply strolled to victory with superior numbers and pushing minions waves. Unicorns of Love failed to cause a set on day two against G2, who dispatched UOL after a horrible early game. UOL snowballed a dominate the early game after a gank gone wrong by Trick and used their momentum to gank Perkz’s Azir, stopping him from gaining power for mid game fights. G2 managed to power back into the game by sieging and securing small advantages wherever they could, taking multiple towers and dragons away from UOL and staying within 3 K gold of their opposition. G2 showed weakness during the final week of the regular spring split, but they also showed a great strength in fighting back from gold and objective deficits.

H2K were less impressive against UOL this week, going down in a surprising defeat. H2K impressed as per usual with a solid macro early game that launched them to an early lead, but soon found themselves in hot water when it came to team fights. Unicorns showed much stronger team fighting communication, repeatedly flanking H2K with Vizicasci’s teleporting Trundle, causing havoc in H2K’s backline. H2K tried to strike back with a baron power play, but lost Ryu and Odoamne in the process, leaving the game for UOL’s taking. H2k followed the first day upset with an absolute stomping of Elements, who also had a 1-1 week. H2K schooled Elements in every aspect and repeatedly took advantage of Elements mistakes by continuously diving them beneath their own turrets.

Vitality had an easy week9, well…they had what should have been an easy week. Vitality, one of the big three European teams somehow managed to only go 1-1 this week, losing to 9th placed Roccat and beating 8th placed Splyce. This was the second time this split Roccat managed to take down Vitality. To add salt to the wound the win for Roccat wasn’t really off the back of good Roccat engages, rather poor engages and drafting from Vitality.  Vitlaity did however manage to finish the split on a high note, taking a perfect game against Splyce in a fairly quick 27 minutes. Vitality secured 1/1 Barons, 2/2 Dragons, 9/9 turrets and did so without taking a single death. This defeat of Elements secured them 3rd place on the final standings and placed Elements at a less impressive 7th place.

In other matches during the week Origen took down both Giants and Fnatic to finish 4th and Fnatic lost both their games placing them in a less than desirable 6th spot.


Adrian played something that wasn’t Soraka or Janna this week. In two commanding victories over TSM and TIP this week Immortals proved that their champion pools are indeed as deep as they claim them to be, pulling out everything from support Karma to Jungle Sejuani and top Yasuo. Immortals didn’t pick these obscure champions for fun, Immortals wanted to make a statement. A statement that screams ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’. Immortals seem totally prepared for the post season and best of 5 games. If I was another NA team, I’d start worrying.

TSM on the other hand have more than just Immortals to worry about. TSM had a 0-2 against Immortals and NRG. TSM have failed to show signs of improvement, especially since IEM, and only seem to be falling deeper and deeper into worrying habits on the rift. It’s hard to point the finger at precisely what the root of TSM’s issue exactly is because honestly, it seems like theirs more than one. Shot calling isn’t being dedicated to one member, team fights are chaotic and inconsistent, Svenskeren’s jungle play is at an all-time low and the team generally doesn’t seem to be gelling. With these defeats TSM now finishes the split in the 6th place, the lowest the team has ever been since its founding.

CLG finished the split strong with a 2-0 week securing them second place and a bye in the first round of playoffs. CLG seems to be building momentum at the perfect time coming up to finals, and they’ve looked good doing it. NRG, a team that’s far from an easy win was systematically destroyed against CLG. Counter logic gaming held a 20 k gold lead in under 25 minutes, a lead so large I simply thought impossible. CLG’s other game this weekend was against the tragic 10th placed team Dignitas, who followed the ordeal of week 8 with an even more tragic week 9.

Nothing can stop Liquid from securing 4th place, it’s their destiny. C9 and Dignitas both learnt the hard way what it feels like to get between Liquid and their 4th place spot, each going down in fairly one sided manner. Every member of TL was tremendously fed against c9, holding a 10k gold lead consistently from the mid game. Fenix split pushing on Zed was too much for c9 as they simply couldn’t commit defence to exposed inhibitors and win fights at the same time. It was simply a methodical victory by TL.  Cloud 9 did find a win on day 1 of week 9 against Rick Fox’s Echo Fox. To say it was a win is a little understatement, it was a demolishing. Not a singular C9 member died during the game and Hai found himself with a 100% competitive win rate on Morgana after 9 games.

In other games Renegades defied the odds with another 2-0 week against Impulse and Echo Fox, securing them 8th, NOT 10th place as I previously assumed they would finish. It seems the roster changes have really flourished for Renegades and I have no doubts that they will find victory in the promotion tournament to return to the LCS.