We’re getting to the business end of Throwdown’s OCE Championship, and with six teams remaining (and with two having already secured their place in the finals), it’s now or never for the sides who finished third to sixth in League Play. This is their last chance at having a shot at the finals series, alongside a place at RLCS overseas, so each Best of 7 match will be massive today. Here are my predictions for today’s games.

Team Rosters

Chiefs ESC

Tainted Minds

Dark Sided

Legacy Esports

JAM Gaming

Retirement Home

Series 1: Dark Sided vs Tainted Minds
Prediction: 4-2

The first match of the day is going to be an absolute cracker, with Dark Sided taking on Tainted Minds. Both sides are fantastic competitors, and both have the ability to make it all the way in the OCE Championship. Some choppy performances in League Play mean they’ve found themselves in the Top 6 Playoffs, though, and having watched the sides over the last five weeks I’m inclined to think we’ll be in for one heck of a matchup between the two.

When all is said and done, however, I’m expecting Dark Sided to come away the victors here, though it’ll be close.

Series 2: Retirement Home vs JAM Gaming
Prediction: 4-1

A dominant display against JAM Gaming last week courtesy of Retirement Home puts them in a very good position mentally in this encounter. They dominated proceedings throughout, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same happen again this week. Retirement Home — while a bit inconsistent — are fantastic on their day, and I can see them coming into this one with a point to prove against JAM once again.

Series 3: Tainted Minds vs Retirement Home
Prediction: 4-2

The final match of the day sees the loser of the first series take on the winner of the second for a spot as fourth seed in the finals, and I have an inkling it’ll be Tainted Minds vs Retirement Home. That said, I expect Tainted Minds to push through a resolute Retirement Home in this series, though it’ll be tightly fought. Both teams are fantastic on their day, but given Tainted Minds’ experience and how well the combinations between CJCJ, Julz, and Kamii can be, I think they’ll just be a bit too much for Retirement Home.

Predicted teams to go through to the finals: Dark Sided (third seed) and Tainted Minds (fourth seed).

So there are my predictions for today’s playoff action! It’s going to be a tense one with so much on the line, but I have a good feeling the finals action will be comprised of the four best Rocket League sides in Oceania right now: Chiefs ESC, Legacy Esports, Dark Sided, and Tainted Minds.

You can catch all of the action from 11am AEST today, via Throwdown Esports’ Twitch channel.