A highly competitive weekend of OCE Championship Rocket League action saw two teams eliminated from the competition while two cemented their spot in the finals. We had some surprises throughout, too, with each game going to a Game 7, and a few major comebacks that made things really interesting. That said, here’s everything that happened over the weekend.

Team Rosters

Chiefs ESC

Tainted Minds

Dark Sided

Legacy Esports

JAM Gaming

Retirement Home

Series 1: Dark Sided def. Tainted Minds
Result: 4-3

The day started off with a bang as Dark Sided took on Tainted Minds in a contest that would see the winner go into the finals as third seed. It was evident from the off that both of these sides understood the stakes at play, with both playing conservatively for a while before getting into their usual stride. Dark Sided took the early series lead, winning both Game 1 and 2, before Tainted Minds pegged them back and evened it up going into Game 5. Dark Sided remained composed, though, and managed to take out Game 5. A tight victory in Game 6 for Tainted Minds meant it was tied up at 3-3 in the series, though in the final game Dark Sided won convincingly 4-0 to stamp their ticket into the OCE Championship finals.

Game Results:
Game 1: 2-1 to Dark Sided
Game 2: 2-0 to Dark Sided
Game 3: 3-0 to Tainted Minds
Game 4: 4-3 to Tainted Minds
Game 5: 3-2 to Dark Sided
Game 6: 2-1 to Tainted Minds
Game 7: 4-0 to Dark Sided

Series 2: Retirement Home def. JAM Gaming
Result: 4-3

Following a cracking opening series, Retirement Home then took on JAM Gaming to see who would advance and take on Tainted Minds to have a chance at going through to the finals as fourth seed. And it was Retirement Home that looked like they were going to get another one over their closest rivals following a three-game winning streak. However, JAM Gaming managed to push back against Retirement Home, winning three consecutive games themselves (including an unreal 4-0 comeback to win Game 5 5-4), to tie the contest up at 3-3. A convincing 3-1 win in Game 7 meant Retirement Home would advance through though and take on Tainted Minds in the final series of the day, while JAM Gaming were eliminated.

Game Results:
Game 1: 4-1 to Retirement Home
Game 2: 1-0 to Retirement Home
Game 3: 2-0 to Retirement Home
Game 4: 3-1 to JAM Gaming
Game 5: 5-4 to JAM Gaming
Game 6: 2-0 to JAM Gaming
Game 7: 3-1 to Retirement Home

Series 3: Tainted Minds def. Retirement Home
Result: 4-3

The final series of the day pitted Tainted Minds against Retirement Home. Tainted Minds took out the first game with a narrow 4-3 win, only to surprisingly lose the following three games. At 3-1 down, the team managed to pull off an important Game 5 win and from then on it was all Tainted Minds. The team won the remaining two matches convincingly to advance to the OCE Championship finals as fourth seed.

Game Results:
Game 1: 4-3 to Tainted Minds
Game 2: 2-1 to Retirement Home
Game 3: 4-3 to Retirement Home
Game 4: 3-2 to Retirement Home
Game 5: 4-3 to Tainted Minds
Game 6: 3-0 to Tainted Minds
Game 7: 4-1 to Tainted Minds

Teams confirmed for the OCE Championship finals:
Chiefs ESC
Legacy Esports
Dark Sided
Tainted Minds

With all four teams now confirmed for the OCE Championship finals, we can now look forward to what promises to be a wonderful set of matchups. The finals will kick off on Sunday, April 29th, and you’ll be able to catch all the action via Throwdown Esports’ Twitch channel.