Throwdown Esports’ OCE Open Series came to an end this weekend, with the top six sides from four days of League Play coming together in a gauntlet-styled final to compete for a top share of the $15,000 AUD prize pool on offer.

Here are the sides that competed in the gauntlet finals:

Chiefs ESC
Matthew “Drippay” Den-Kaat
Jake “Jake” Edwards
Daniel “Torsos” Parsons

Dark Sided
Phillip “Dumbo” Donachie
Jonathon “Express” Slade
Nathan “Shadey” Logan

Legacy Esports
Nathan “Cyrix” Baxter
Christopher “Siki” Magee

Love Decks
Adam “Addzey” Meechan
Cameron “CJM” McGrouther
Connor “Montyconnor” Montgomery

Retirement Home
Michael “Daze” Ignat
Callum “ellusive” E.
Alex “Kida” McDonald

Tainted Minds
Cameron “CJCJ” Johns
Tom “Julz” Jullienne
Cameron “Kamii” Ingram

Match 1: Legacy Esports def. Love Decks
A great opening match saw Legacy Esports take on Love Decks, and the way each team went last weekend couldn’t have been more different. Legacy, coming off one win out of nine games, came out with a point to prove, whereas Love Decks won two of their four series, with the intention of continuing to prove themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the Oceanic region.

It looked like that was going to be the case, too, after a great performance from Love Decks in the series’ first game, which saw them take out a 3-2 win against a disappointing Legacy team. After losing out, though, Legacy turned it back around, producing some excellent pressuring moves to push Love Decks against their own backboard. And this, in turn, allowed them to score the big goals to take the next three games.

Legacy held out in Game 4 to win 2-1, and cement their spot in the next round of the gauntlet finals. An inspired performance from Cyrix is worth mentioning, with the Legacy man scoring the majority of the goals for his side over the series. Had it not been for an incredible set of Montyconnor saves, Legacy could well have won by much more in each game.

Game 1: 3-2 to Love Decks
Game 2: 2-1 to Legacy Esports
Game 3: 3-0 to Legacy Esports
Game 4: 2-1 to Legacy Esports

Legacy Esports wins 3-1 and move on to the next round.

Match 2: Legacy Esports def. Retirement Home
From being belted in the first match of the series to winning three in a row, it’s starting to become clear that this Legacy Esports side is all about the long-game!

Retirement Home opened up the scoring against Legacy within the first few moments of Game 1, and that was practically a showcase of what was to happen for the remainder of the match. Retirement Home continued to make it to loose balls first and punished Legacy’s mistakes, and when you’d thought that would be the theme for the remainder of the series, Legacy pushed back, righted their wrongs, and showcased how good they can really be.

Cyrix, like in the series prior, was instrumental in the goalscoring throughout Games 2, 3, and 4, and, alongside teammates Siki and Delusion, never really allowed Retirement Home a look in during these games, save for a handful of crazy misses at the end of Game 2 that cost Retirement Home any chance of a point. A great demonstration of the fight in these Legacy players, here.

Game 1: 4-1 to Retirement Home
Game 2: 1-0 to Legacy Esports
Game 3: 2-1 to Legacy Esports
Game 4: 2-0 to Legacy Esports

Legacy Esports wins 3-1 and move on to the next round.

Match 3: Legacy Esports def. Tainted Minds
The underdog story continues! Legacy pulled out a huge upset against one of the regular RLCS Oceanic teams in Tainted Minds, beating them 3-2 in a fierce contest.

Much like the earlier results in games prior, Legacy dropped their first game against a well-drilled Tainted Minds side 2-0, only to then come back and show a fighting spirit to take the next two games. Cyrix, once more, proved his class as he led the attack with his Legacy Esports side and pulled out some fantastic moves to push the side into a 2-1 lead in the best of five series.

Game 4 was perhaps the best game of the day, though. With Tainted Minds nursing a 3-2 lead with no time left Legacy managed to do the unfathomable, juggling the ball and planting a shot right into Tainted Minds’ net to make it 3-3 and force overtime. And you’d have thought Legacy would be the ones that would have likely taken the game and the series at this point, but after some very serious pressure on the Tainted Minds goal it was, in fact, the RLCS regulars that pulled out a big goal in the third minute of overtime to take the series to a fifth match.

All looked to be going Tainted Minds’ way for this match, too, as the team (once again) nursed a 2-1 lead for the majority of the contest. However, Legacy scrambled and got a goal with seconds left to spare thanks to a Delusion cracker to take it overtime once again, where Siki would eventually score and take Legacy Esports into the semi finals against Chiefs ESC.

Game 1: 2-0 to Tainted Minds
Game 2: 3-2 to Legacy Esports
Game 3: 5-1 to Legacy Esports
Game 4: 4-3 to Tainted Minds (in Overtime)
Game 5: 3-2 to Legacy Esports (in Overtime)

Legacy Esports wins 3-2 and move on to the semi final.

Semi Final: Chiefs ESC def. Legacy Esports
Legacy put up a huge fight against Chiefs in this one, but unfortunately just couldn’t get the three wins to take them into the grand final.

It all started very similar in Game 1 with Chiefs outclassing Legacy 5-2, and the latter then pulling back some huge results thereafter to completely turn the tide of the match. Cyrix, once again, showed how good he can be and the kind of leader he is to set up and score some important goals to really put the fight to Chiefs. Similarly, Legacy’s Siki pulled out some cracking goals to help cement a dominant position going into Game 4.

Everything turned back into the favour of Chiefs from the beginning of Game 4, though, with the team dominating the possession and counter attacking with wonderful fluidity to put Legacy to the sword. The same happened once again in Game 5, though Legacy really pushed to continue their run on the gauntlet. In the end, though, it didn’t eventuate and Chiefs took the series win.

A huge credit has to go to Legacy though, who had to play through three other matches prior to taking on Chiefs. Going from fifth to third place and defying the odds time and time again showcased a team that can really push for the top rankings this year, and I’m excited to see how they develop in 2018.

Game 1: 5-2 to Chiefs ESC
Game 2: 4-1 to Legacy Esports
Game 3: 5-1 to Legacy Esports
Game 4: 5-2 to Chiefs ESC
Game 5: 2-0 to Chiefs ESC

Chiefs ESC wins 3-2 and move on to the grand final.

Grand Final: Chiefs ESC def. Dark Sided
Who’d have expected the first clean sweep of the day to come in the grand final? That was exactly what happened here, with Chiefs showing exactly why they’re well regarded as Oceania’s best Rocket League side, sweeping Dark Sided with notable ease.

Each game saw Chiefs easily shut out Dark Sided attacks, with the first two games being the only close matches shared between the two sides. And you wouldn’t have expected this after last weekend’s results, which saw Dark Sided really put the challenge to Chiefs and win the series. That said, Chiefs responded extremely well, with the entire team contributing in both defence and attack and nullifying any sense of a potential comeback in Game 3 with a huge 5-0 win.

The demolition continued in Game 4, which saw Chiefs give little inch to Dark Sided to attack, cutting out attacking moves and responding perfectly on the counter attack to catch the side out. It worked wonders, and Chiefs are deserved winners of the OCE Open Series!

Game 1: 2-1 to Chiefs ESC
Game 2: 1-0 to Chiefs ESC
Game 3: 5-0 to Chiefs ESC
Game 4: 6-2 to Chiefs ESC

Chiefs ESC win the gauntlet finals!

With Chiefs taking out 1st place in the gauntlet finals, here are the final standings alongside the prize money won by the teams:



Prize Money Won


Chiefs ESC

$5,000 AUD


Dark Sided

$3,500 AUD


Legacy Esports

$2,250 AUD


Tainted Minds

$1,500 AUD


Retirement Home

$1,000 AUD


Love Decks

$750 AUD


JAM Gaming

$500 AUD


Simple Physics

$500 AUD

Eyes now turn toward the open qualifiers for the OCE Championships, which will take place next weekend. With a good amount of pre-season practice now under the belts of the teams involved in the OCE Open Series, it’ll be fascinating to see how they go over a nine-week competition period, where 1st and 2nd spot will secure a place in the RLCS finals in America.