Throwdown Esports has been making waves recently with their push into the FGC scene with the announcement of a Street Fighter V Championship Series presented by Red Bull. The new series will see four Australian qualifiers during October with the top players going to PAX Australia 2017 to compete for a spot to attend Red Bull Kumite in Paris.

Three of the four qualifiers will be live in NSW and VIC. The first one will take place at the Entertainment Quarter in Sydney on October 14th with the 2nd to be confirmed in Victoria on October 21st. For those who can’t compete at the live qualifiers in either NSW and VIC, Throwdown will host a online qualifier tomorrow for the other regions. There’s also a ‘last chance’ live qualifier at PAX Australia itself.

Here’s the qualifiers breakdown:

Four pros will also be invited to the event. The series will see a total prize pool of over $16,000 AUD with the winner receiving $2,500 AUD in cash, tickets and flights to the next Red Bull Kumite event in Paris and a custom built arcade cabinet containing 15 Street Fighter games! 2nd to 4th will also receive a share of the cash prize.

The prize pool breakdown:

For those interested in competing, information and registrations are available on the Throwdown site here.