Vince Zampella, Founder and CEO of Respawn Entertainment – the team behind the upcoming Titanfall 2 has announced that the multiplayer tech test is just around the corner but unfortunately won’t be coming to PC.

The multiplayer tech test will be available on Xbox One and PS4 but the company has decided to opt out of PC citing two reasons: spoilers and hardware issues.

Respawn Entertainment hasn’t been able to put the game through the compatibility lab to test the game across many different forms of hardware and components so therefor decided the game wasn’t ready for a tech test on PC.

“We also haven’t done enough work to fully support our ‘Min Spec’ on PC yet. So, currently the PC game isn’t as easy to throw out for testing as the console is, because of the additional variables and configurations that we need to support.”

Vince has also stated that sneaky PC players will also data mine the game which can reveal spoilers on the single-player aspect of the game.

You can read the full-statement here. Vince has also teased that the multiplayer tech test is very soon tweeting ‘keep the next two weekends free’.

Titanfall 2 is scheduled to launch on October 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC