Goose drops into the most talked about game this year – Titanfall

After E3 and winning countless awards during the show, Titanfall has taken the internet by storm and not many have even had the chance to play it. I was skeptical at first but with a combination of first person shooter and mech-warrior style combat – what could possibly go wrong? When Xbox Australia chucked me into a session during EB Expo, all I can now say the hype is real. Titanfall is nothing like any shooter we’ve played.

Sitting in some briefing with a host more energetic than the rest of room, I admit putting my arms up in excitement – we were given the run down of the basic mechanics of the game. Thinking I would just go in and scrub everyone carcasses off the map, the briefing took me by surprise at how deep the mechanics is. I had to actually think about how I’m going to take down people.

So the general gist on what I had to do was select a pilot class – the guys that run around on the ground and Mirrors-Edging off the side of walls. The selection is based on the weapons you want to use basically. There’s the pilot with the Assault Rifle, Shotgun etc. kinda what we expect from class systems. There’s classes for the Titans as well, each with different weapons. Like rockets, well there’s a Titan that shoots out plenty. Titans are the big mechwarrior machines in case you haven’t been following the game.


After the whole run down of the setup, which was much needed – the group was split into two sides. One side of the room the baddies, one side is the good guys. Well I didn’t know who was good or bad, anyone against me was bad I guess. We were playing a game mode called Campaign Multiplayer, where story gets thrown into the mix of the multiplayer universe. It wasn’t just the usual generic team deathmatch scenario even though the premise was. This felt different to other shooters I’ve played online. It was like, this is my story and involved other real people. We had a clear objective and we all felt part of a mission of the whole outcome. Something you don’t find in shooters.

The combat was very tight and very fast. I had trouble coping to the twitch style shooter of ground combat. People don’t just come at you from the sides. They come from above you. I did mention Mirrors Edge before and I will mention it again because the movements of the pilot is very similar to that aspect. You scale walls, climb ledges you never expected to reach and the momentum works – hard to get used to at first but once you find the flow. You’ll be happily running and gunning from above.


I always felt before jumping in the combat will feel too overwhelming with the Titans storming across the maps, yes they are powerful and fast but you never felt intimidated by them. It’s probably because the game felt so finely balanced. Pilots are small targets who can reach vertical heights – even as you’re outmatched on firepower, your ability to maneuver quicker than them grants you that level playing field. Taking Titans out is easy if you learn to move well.┬áCalling your first Titan down and jumping in is almost as incredible as your first roller-coaster ride or something of similar extravagance. It’s an adrenalin fueled experience. Blow everything in sight, slide across the streets and flank other Titans.

Titanfall is a game we all need. Not only because it makes shooter feel unique again, it’s just goddamn fun. There’s combat parkour, insane weapons and giant robots… with more insane weapons. Everyone needs this game, I need this game…now.

Titanfall comes out on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC – Early 2014. Thanks to Xbox Australia for giving us media access at the EB Expo booth.