More Titanfall is Good Titanfall.

Wall-running through this jungle terrain cross urban map, I started pumping shots down a street full of enemy NPCs. While they were easy to take out, an enemy soon Titan appeared to make my day worse. I somehow survived thanks to the new grappling hook, helping to pull me out of combat faster than using my parkour abilities.

Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall is back with a sequel and this time it’s more content rich than ever, taking what made the original great and expanding from it. There’s more customisation, new weapons and new Titans and – oh did I mention an actual singleplayer campaign this time around?

Whenever you see a Titan in the first game, you have to manoeuvre away quick. The new grappling hook in Titanfall 2 is just perfect for these situations – it allows you to traverse the map very quickly. The grappling hook also opens up different ways to attack and defend against both pilots and Titans. You can use it to move into different vantage points if you’re a sniper, letting you lock down zones faster than the average pilot. You can even grapple onto Titans to close the gap faster against the enemy. This leads to minimal exposure on the ground where you can easily get picked off. It offers new tactics and was easily one of the biggest highlights in Titanfall 2 so far with our hands-on.titanfallw-21313Having not played Titanfall 2 in years, it was actually pretty easy to jump back in thanks to the seamless movement system, which has now been refined even more. Titans have also been giving a polish with newer Titan types available to try out – although only two were  available in the hands-on. The Titan combat was action packed and feels somewhat familiar, with the biggest change I noticed is that they feel weaker in terms of defence but stronger in firepower. Blasting pilots lingering around is still fun but if you’re not careful, you can be taken down faster. In the original, you could literally spend the entire game in a Titan and anti-Titan weapons don’t deal enough damage. This time around, it feels more of a luxury to actually be riding in one and when you do, you’ll need to take real advantage of it to rack up the kills.

The move is probably to balance the game and offers the Titan as more of an asset. It was a good move in my opinion which allows you to utilise your Titan only when it matters and not for the duration of the whole game. The build only contained the one map which is a blend of jungle and concrete. It presents a run-down jungle sci-fi setting which in combat allowed some sneaky flanks and some vertical gameplay.


From what I’ve played, Titanfall 2 will be quite an improvement on the original. I wasn’t expecting much more but the original had some brilliant mechanics and it was great to see some of these improved with more content. With the addition of the single-player campaign, more in-depth multiplayer and a release on PS4, Titanfall 2 will hopefully have a longer lifespan than the original. If you liked the original then you’ll definitely feel at home (in a Titan) with Titanfall 2.

Titanfall 2 drops on PS4, Xbox One and PC October 28th, 2016.